Yecla – Mark Etheridge

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Off to Yecla today with Bryan and John. Lots of Goldfinches, with 100+ in one flock, also Linnets, three types of Sparrow and Corn Bunting started us off, then we had a prolonged sighting of a very close Lark which after much discussion we settled on IDing as a Thekla’s Lark. We found six Northern Wheatear on our travels, plus one Black Wheatear, but other expected birds failed to materialise. However, we then hit the jackpot with four (probable) Lesser Kestrels catching insects on the wing, and then the sight of a Golden Eagle and a Short-toed Eagle together above our heads. Another Golden Eagle was also seen later. We also found a regular Common Kestrel and a couple of Buzzards. I managed to score a couple of Red-billed Chough in a large flock of Jackdaws, which finished the trip off very nicely.