Zuriza, Linza and Anso Valley

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5/6/22 – It was John’s birthday and our last day in the Pyrenees so we planned a quieter day with not so much driving. We, therefore, headed up to the top of the valley and the Zuriza campsite. The cafe was open today so we stopped for a coffee. While we were sat outside drinking I spotted two raptors flying above, so the bins came out and we were excited to find they were Golden Eagles! A species we have not seen in the area before although they must be around.

We left the cafe and set off up a new road for us towards the Linza refuge. I had found it the night before on Google Maps and thought it might be worth a look. It was only 5km and was worth it just for the scenery. As we arrived a Yellowhammer was at the roadside and a Crag Martin flew around. Several Ravens were seen landing near the cows and flying off into the trees. A Black Redstart and White Wagtails were hopping about.

We set off back stopping on the way to look at a Jay hopping around by a stream. Back at Zuriza we stopped for lunch seeing another Jay in the trees, a Coal Tit and a Blackbird in the campsite, and an Egyptian Vulture which flew around for some time.

After lunch we headed back into the valley stopping by the cliffs where we had previously seen Lammergeier. I was praying for one to turn up so I could at least get a record shot. After about 15 minutes watching Griffon Vultures a Lammergeier arrived. Result!!! We watched the bird fly onto a ledge, where another bird put it’s head up, presumably to be fed. We watched the birds for about 30 minutes giving us both a stiff neck, but it was worth it! We think this was a nest site as it was very close to the place we had seen a nest about four years ago. Eventually one bird took off and we watched it fly around for about 10 minutes before it disappeared out of sight so we left. What a day!

6/6/22 – We left the Pyrenees, having another overnight stay in Daroca before a final night in Gran Alacant. We saw much the same birds on the way back as we had seen on the way, both agreeing we had had a brilliant time and seen some great birds.

Apologies for the poor quality of the photos.