Santa Pola Harbour

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31Jan-2Following a tip off from Barry, we spent an interesting hour at Santa Pola Harbour, with Dave and Linda, watching the fishing boats come in. We could see the approaching boats were being followed by many gulls and as they came closer we were able to pick out the odd Gannet, plus the stars of the show, hundreds of Shearwaters, which I assume were Balearic Shearwaters as they are the most common variety. The gulls flew high over the boats but the Shearwaters stayed closer to the water. At one point we could see a trail of birds on the water behind one of the boats which seemed to be trailing it’s nets in the water. As the boats came into the harbour mouth we got better views of the birds, although the Shearwaters seemed reluctant to come into the port but instead headed back out to sea to wait for the next boat. At about 4.30 a group of Shearwaters became a bit braver and came further into 31Jan-3the harbour, finally giving us great views of these interesting little birds.