This report shows the first date a spring migrant /summer visitor was seen in the Costa Blanca area, where it was seen and who reported the sighting.

Birds are listed in order of the date they arrived. Information for previous years can be found in the Spring Migration Comparison Reports.

Yellow Wagtail29/01/20RojalesBarry Chambers
Little Ringed Plover02/02/20RojalesBarry Chambers
Great Spotted Cuckoo11/02/20Old MonasteryGeoff Culliford
Pallid Swift11/02/20CrevillenteCBBC Members
Short Toed Eagle14/02/20El ClotMalcolm Palmer
Caspian Tern23/02/20GuardarmarDarren Wilson
House Martin06/03/20San FelipeBarry Chambers
Barn Swallow06/03/20San FelipeBarry Chambers
Red Rumped Swallow06/03/20San FelipeBarry Chambers
Whiskered Tern06/03/20San FelipeBarry Chambers
Cuckoo (HO)19/03/20Los DolcesDavid Roe
Sand Martin25/03/20RojalesBarry Chambers
Alpine Swift27/03/20RojalesBarry Chambers
Common Swift30/03/20RojalesBarry Chambers
Purple Heron31/03/20San VicenteMalcolm Palmer
Woodchat Shrike02/04/20RojalesBarry Chambers
Bee eaters10/04/20ArnevaJim Johnson
Subalpine Warbler14/04/20Hondon/NievesStephan and Els
Icterine Warbler15/04/20Hondon/NievesStephan and Els
Gull Billed Tern15/04/20RojalesBarry Chambers
Squacco Heron15/04/20RojalesBarry Chambers
Nightingale (HO)16/04/20RojalesBarry Chambers
Golden Oriole 18/04/20TorreviejaEdward Humphreys
Montagu’s Harrier19/04/20TorreviejaEdward Humphreys
Hobby20/04/20San VicenteMalcolm Palmer
Roller21/04/20RojalesBarry Chambers
Pied Flycatcher22/04/20TorreviejaGeoff Culliford
Willow Warbler (HO)22/04/20TorreviejaGeoff Culliford
Little Tern29/04/20TorreviejaGeoff Culliford
Spotted Flycatcher30/04/20RojalesBarry Chambers
Northern Wheatear02/05/20RojalesBarry Chambers
Night Heron02/05/20RojalesBarry Chambers
Red necked Nightjar02/05/20RojalesBarry Chambers
Reed Warbler12/06/20El ClotMalcolm Palmer
Great Reed Warbler12/06/20El ClotMalcolm Palmer
Whinchat17/06/20RojalesBarry Chambers