The Mar Menor

This is more than just one site, and can best be dealt with under four main headings:-

Calblanque by Mary Brazier
Calblanque by Mary Brazier

Calblanque – SAT NAV 37°36.331’N 0°43.723’W

. This is the area of the south coast below La Manga Golf Club, with a ‘wild’ beach and an old saltworks. Excellent for migrants. A big cliff up on the right has a pair of Bonelli’s Eagles, and Ravens are about too. You can see almost anything here. Beware of car-theft!

Los Alcazares South (old airstrip and coastline) – SAT NAV 37°42.838’N 0°51.477’ This is a big, desolate area of ‘set-aside’ land just north of the village of that name. Always worth a look, it holds Lesser Short-toed Lark, is good in winter for a variety of larks and finches, as well as harriers. You may well find something else there!

Cabo de Palos lighthouse by Mary Brazier
Cabo de Palos lighthouse by Mary Brazier

Cabo de Palos (Mar de Cristal Salinas) – SAT NAV – N37 38°.282’W 0° 43.206’N A small saltworks just outside Cabo de Palos, reached from a complicated junction off the dual carriageway: Very good for Audouin’s & Slender-billed Gulls, as well as waders.

Cabo de Palos Lighthouse – SAT NAV 37°38.282’N0°43.206’W  Can be a good spot for sea-watching in the right weather and the bushes below the lighthouse hold many small birds.

Other areas:-

El Carmoli (tarmacked sports pitch) – SAT NAV 37°41.622’N 0°50.747’W

Los Urrutias (Club de Regatas) – SAT NAV – 37°40.624’N 0°49.590’W