This report shows the first date that a spring migrant/summer visitor was seen in the Costa Blanca area, where it was seen and who reported the sighting.

Birds are listed in order of the date they arrived. Information for previous years can be found in the Spring Migration Comparisons Report.

House Martin12/02/17RojalesBarry Chambers
Great Spotted Cuckoo14/02/17 AlicanteBrian Hunt
Barn Swallow21/02/17RojalesBarry Chambers
Little Ringed Plover22/02/17San FelipeCBBC Members
Yellow Wagtail22/02/17San FelipeCBBC Members
Pallid Swift28/02/17Lo ChicharroBarry Chambers
Red rumped Swallow28/02/17Consorcio gated roadStephan and Els
Sand Martin07/03/17San FelipeMalcolm Palmer
Garganey15/03/17Vistabella HideBarry Chambers
Whiskered Tern15/03/17Vistabella HideBarry Chambers
White Stork16/03/17Pego MarshCBBC Members
Cuckoo20/03/17Los MontesinosPaul Coombes
Montagu’s Harrier20/03/17Los MontesinosPaul Coombes
Subalpine Warbler20/03/17Los MontesinosPaul Coombes
Collared Pratincole21/03/17San FelipeMichael Norton
Common Tern21/03/17Santa Pola SalinasMalcolm Palmer
Reed Warbler21/03/17Convenio SalinasMalcolm Palmer
Willow Warbler21/03/17El HondoPaul Coombes
Great Reed Warbler23/03/17San FelipeBarry Chambers
Common Swift23/03/17San FelipeBarry Chambers
Redstart23/03/17Torrevieja LakePaul Coombes
Alpine Swift24/03/17San FelipeStephan and Els
Purple Heron24/03/17CarrizalesStephan and Els
Woodchat Shrike24/03/17El Carmoli, MurciaPaul Coombes
Little Bittern25/03/17El HondoPaul Coombes
Northern Wheatear27/03/17Torrevieja LakePaul Coombes
Scop’s Owl28/03/17AgostMalcolm Palmer
Short toed Eagle28/03/17YeclaPaul Coombes
Short toed Lark28/03/17YeclaPaul Coombes
Black eared Wheatear29/03/17MonnegrePaul Coombes
Bee eater30/03/17Las Ramblas GolfElaine Warnock
Squacco Heron31/03/17ConsorcioStephan and Els
Nightingale31/03/17ConsorcioStephan and Els
Spotted Flycatcher31/03/17CarizalesStephan and Els
Whitethroat01/04/17Cap de Nau, JaveaNigel Bentley
Curlew Sandpiper11/04/17El PinetMalcolm Palmer
Wood Warbler13/04/17El ClotMark Etheridge
Turtle Dove13/04/17El ClotMark Etheridge
Whinchat13/04/17XeresaJulian Sykes
Quail (HO)13/04/17Nr. La MarinaAndrew Lamb
Roller14/04/17El Hondo fieldsJulian Sykes
Hobby14/04/17El HondoJulian Sykes
Caspian Tern14/04/17El PinetJulian Sykes
Little Tern14/04/17El PinetJulian Sykes
Orphean Warbler15/04/17Hondón de las NievesStephan and Els
Red necked Nightjar18/04/17Hondón de las NievesStephan and Els
Black Tern19/04/17Santa Pola HarbourCBBC Members
Pied Flycatcher21/04/17Alicante UniversityMalcolm Palmer
Bonelli’s Warbler22/04/17La MataJoy and Michael
Savi’s Warbler26/04/17San FelipeJoy and Michael
Night Heron26/04/17San FelipeMalcolm Palmer
Golden Oriole27/04/17Santa AguedaPaul and Greta
Gull billed Tern28/04/17FormenteraBarry Chambers
Garden Warbler02/05/17BenejuzarBarry Chambers
Icterine Warbler07/05/17Hondon de los NeivesStephan and Els
Eleanora’s Falcon24/05/17La GranadellaNigel Bentley