Please check the reports for 2010-2014, 2015-2018 and 2019 – 2022 for previous years.

This report shows, for a number of years, the first date a spring migrant was seen passing through the area, or a summer visitor was seen as it arrived in the Costa Blanca area. The dates show when a bird was reported as seen by a local or a visiting birder.

The first details we have are from 2010 and not all dates are exact. The years 2010 to 2014, 2015 to 2018 and 2019 – 2022 are shown in separate reports. In some cases we do not have any data. In order to make the report as comprehensive as possible CBBC Members and other birders are asked to submit details of their sightings to the club for inclusion in the report.

Note 1 – – Some Marbled Ducks have been brought in to the San Felipe Reserve to increase the population. These birds have remained at the reserve and been seen throughout the Winter, meaning that it is impossible to ascertain a date for any additional birds which might have arrived for the Summer.

Note 2 Lesser Kestrels have been seen at Yecla in both December and January meaning that it is not possible to come up with a meaningful date for Spring Migration.

Little Ringed Plover06/02/2316/02/24
Red-rumped Swallow24/02/2320/02/24
House Martin06/02/2320/02/24
Great Spotted Cuckoo24/02/2318/03/24
Sand Martin24/02/2326/02/24
Yellow Wagtail27/02/2308/03/24
Alpine Swift08/03/2304/03/24
Pallid Swift13/03/2311/03/24
Reed Warbler16/03/2325/03/24
Subalpine Warbler21/03/2301/04/24
Willow Warbler23/03/2323/03/24
Woodchat Shrike23/03/2301/04/24
Common Swift23/03/2311/03/24
Common Cuckoo25/03/2323/03/24
Short-toed Eagle27/03/2318/03/24
Whiskered Tern27/03/23
Great Reed Warbler31/03/2323/03/24
Purple Heron31/03/2318/03/24
Collared Pratincole02/04/2323/03/24
Black-eared Wheatear03/04/2309/04/24
Montagu’s Harrier04/04/2318/03/24
Caspian Tern04/04/2319/03/24
Squacco Heron04/04/2306/04/24
Sedge Warbler no data06/04/23
Black Tern11/04/23
Common Tern11/04/2323/03/24
Elegant Tern12/04/23
Greater Short-toed Lark13/04/23
Lesser Short-toed Lark13/04/23
Northern Wheatear13/04/2320/03/24
Gull-billed Tern14/04/2322/04/24
Curlew Sandpiper no data22/04/24
Bonelli’s Warbler no data18/04/24
Turtle Dove19/04/2310/04/24
Little Tern21/04/2322/04/24
Spotted Flycatcher24/04/2306/05/24
Pied Flycatcher25/04/2311/04/24
Golden Oriole26/04/2309/05/24
Red-necked Nightjar01/05/2323/04/24
Wood Warbler21/05/2307/04/24
Melodious Warblerno data07/05/24
Orphean Warblerno data08/05/24