Another Great Day

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This morning it was a good hour spent on Cley Marsh.We made the most of our time and as we walked to the hide there was a young Sedge Warbler sitting a few feet away in a bush, a Reed Bunting showed on top of a bush and a Reed Warbler proved too elusive for Michelle’s camera. The best bird on the water was a Green Sandpiper followed closely with one Golden Plover still in winter plummage. There was also the most number of Knot that I have ever seen. A juvenile Marsh Harrier flew right in front of the hide to give us a good view of it. Luckily there was a Lesser black backed GullGreater black backed gull which was good for comparison. We then drove to Wisbeach via Fakenham and Kings Lynn and enjoyed the summer greens of the verges and hedgerows topped by the spent browns of the seeded grasses. Trees again we enjoyed. On our return a hunting Barn Owl flew in good view a field’s width away from the patio in good light so that Michelle managed to get three decent shots. Then two Kestrels flew only yards away. It goes to show that you need to be lucky.