Belvide, Staffordshire, England

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Another visit to Belvide today where we saw similar species to the previous visit but added Common Sandpiper to the list. At one point Steve (the resident expert) can zooming past on his bike calling “Glossy Ibis on the North shore”! He dumped his bike and ran into the hide with his scope, just in time to see the bird on the shore before it took off and disappeared behind some trees. We caught a glimpse of it for about a second before it went out of sight. Now we have seen many of these birds in Spain but have never seen one in England before, so it was a good bird for here. Earlier we had been looking at a Grebe, which someone had suggested was a Black necked Grebe although to me it looked too big and more like a Little Grebe in it’s colouring, it turns out it was a Slavonian Grebe, a great bird and a lifer for us! I really must have more confidence to question what I am told and make more effort to check the id of unusual birds. To read more about these two sightings you can visit Steve’s blog at Belvide Birding