Birds in Frame

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20mayI am now doing what I said that I would do. That is to concentrate on an area and see what’s there. It has dense pockets of bamboo which are close to the irrigation canal on the outskirts of San Miguel de Salinas. The habitat around it is very mixed with some cultivated ground, the odd almond tree, exposed rock and scrub. It has two distinct advantages in that there is water and plenty of cover. I spent several days being patient and this was rewarded with hearing the constant sound of Nightingales singing but with only the occasional sighting. Then there were the first glimpses of darting warblers. Reed Warblers occasionally perched on a waving frond but long enough to get a scope on it. Melodious Warblers flew down to feed in the bushes not far away from my feet. It does pay to stand still and watch. A male Sardinian Warbler perched within ten feet of me with Serin almost perching to order and Goldfinches flying and singing. The surrounding habitats do favour both Stone Curlew and Green Woodpecker. One evening a Gull billed Tern flew along the adjacent canal and then flew back again which gave the best view I have had. However, the stars of this locale are the Red rumped Swallows who fly just over head and perch within feet of me without any fear. They are so beautiful and at this range you can see their striking reds and finely decorated plumage – they are simply great. Having located where the birds can be seen and photographed we are concentrating on just that but also hope to see other species as well. You can see how good those swallows look at Michelle’s photo. It is superb.