Eagle Owl Watching

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These are big birds but it is not until they fly that can you see their massive wingspan. I had the pleasure of watching two fly together, in the early evening with full sunlight. What a terrific sight. I have been to this same location on several occasions and I have been fortunate to have seen one bird on at least half of my visits but only when daylight was disappearing. Today, I got lucky! The sun was shining from a clear sky right onto the ridge which is their habitat. I checked out the tree line and after several sweeps with the binoculars I found a big brown blob in a tree. I scoped in on it and there it was with its back towards me. It eventually turned round. I could see its face with the ear tufts clearly visible. After twenty minutes another Eagle Owl flew around the perched bird which also flew. Wow! I was watching two flying around together. This is a very good area for peace, quiet, no phones, only some passing traffic with the biggest owl in Europe flying in full view. All of this was being accompanied by Green Woodpeckers calling and then I heard the distinct call of the Common Cuckoo. On the way home I saw two Little Owls and after what I had just seen, they really did look small.