El Clot

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14Feb-2After a wet and windy week in Wolverhampton, it was nice to get out in the warm weather and visit our local patch for a couple of hours. There is a lot of water in front of both the hides now and the Teal seemed to be enjoying the sunshine before they go elsewhere for the summer. A male and female Shoveler were good to see, the male’s white front looking very bright in the sunshine, and a White headed Duck eventually put in an appearance. A group of about 10 Pochards had also arrived since we were last here. The regular Grey Wagtail was around again, along with the usual White Wagtails, Black Redstarts and Sardinian Warblers. A single Cattle Egret was in the area of the scrape, but not much else to report. Away from the Clot we counted 80 Grey Herons at El Pinet on Wednesday, which is the most I have ever seen of this species together in one place. Last month we saw 50+ Cormorants and many people are reporting up to 70 Cranes along the palm farm road. The sight of large flocks of birds is always an interesting thing to see.