El Clot

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I had arranged to meet Brenda, who is a member of my Facebook bird group, at the Clot, as she lives in Gran Alacant and I thought it would be nice to put a face to the name. Dave and Linda came along too and we all met at the main car park and and set off towards the mirador. It was a very windy day which proved to be a deterrent to the birds who were generally keeping hidden to avoid being blown away. A few Black Redstarts were flitting about or feeding on the ground and a couple of Greenfinches put in an appearance. From the mirador we could see plenty of Coots and Teal, but the wind was cold so we walked round to the main hide. The pool held a reasonable amount of water but far less than it used to. While we were there a few male and female Teal, along with several adult and a few young Moorhens ventured out to feed. Someone spotted a pair of Shovelers in the far pool through a gap between the reeds, and this was possibly the best bird of the day. A White Wagtail came down to the edge of the water and a few Starlings flew in to the reeds. Other than that it was very quiet but we enjoyed meeting up with Brenda and had a nice, albeit windy walk.