El Clot

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11Dec-4This afternoon we decided to go and have a look at the Starling roost at the Clot. On the way we stopped at the car park to try to photograph a few birds from the car. There are plenty of Black Redstarts around the car park along with Blackbirds, Robins and White Wagtails.


We moved on to the hides and the Starling numbers were building up nicely, with new groups joining all the time. We watched them flying around for a while before they all plunged down over the marshy area and out of sight. I think we may have been in the wrong place to get the full effect and would suggest that the small viewing tower near to the mirador might be a good place to watch from. 11Dec-2 11Dec-3By 4.50pm it seemed they had all gone down to roost. We visited the two main hides and watched a Snipe and a Bluethroat from the ‘new’ hide. We were happy about this as we have never seen a Bluethroat at the Clot before, although we know plenty of people who have. As it started to get dark small groups of Cattle Egrets flew in to the fenced off area in front of the hide where it appeared they were going to spend the night.