Hondón de las Nieves – Stephan and Els

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This morning, at breakfast time, a Melodious Warbler choose our garden for finding its breakfast. The light-brown coloured legs were clearly visible, and when the bird started singing we were convinced of the identification. After this episode the warbler returned several times to the garden. Around lunchtime a different song caught our attention. After a short while the bird went away, showing us his blue shoulders. We had some ideas about the name of the species, which was confirmed after consulting the bird guide, and checking the CD recording: Subalpine Warbler.

These observations came after some days of good birds, including the nice bird list of last Wednesday´s CBBC field trip.

The singing Orphean Warbler in the valley behind Hondón de las Nieves, on Thursday, April 26.

Then on Friday, April 27, after the thunderstorm, we found in our garden a female Spectacled Warbler. We took our time to be sure about the identification, but the differences in the eye line, the shorter wings, the more evenly coloured brown wing panel, and the smaller size distinguished it from the Whitethroat. The bird showed great interest in the insects on the Nisperos tree, and in the bird bath. She appeared again next day in the morning, but has not been seen since.

After dark on Saturday April 28 we heard at least two Red-necked Nightjars calling on the hill side nearby.