Sightings from Barry Chambers

Spotted Flycatcher  by Barry Chambers©
Spotted Flycatcher by Barry Chambers©

A few observations for Thursday 7th May.

La Mata – 3 or 4 pairs of Spotted Flycatchers (NEW SPRING MIGRANT), 1 Pied Flycatcher, Several Mistle Thrushes, Bee Eaters.
Visitors Centre El Hondo – Purple Heron, Squacco Herons, Gull Billed Tern (NEW SPRING MIGRANT), many Whiskered Terns (NEW SPRING MIGRANT) and several Little Terns (NEW SPRING MIGRANT).
Still good numbers of Collared Pratincoles, Cuckoo, Good numbers of Curlew Sandpipers, 1 Common Sandpiper
Marbled Duck,  Red Crested Pochard, White Headed Ducks.
Unfortunately the water levels around the visitors centre has reduced greatly in the past week, if that continues the area will be dry in a couple of weeks. The Azure Winged Magpies are still showing well at the usual site.